Starter Course Outline

       New to paddling? Interested to learn how to sea kayak this season? Well the Lake Superior Starter Course is for you! In this program you will learn more than what is usually offered in the Paddle Canada level one sea kayak skills course. In this two-day course you will learn valuable techniques to improve your paddling strokes, paddling skills and rescue skills, as well as journeying and seamanship. You will leave this course with the skills and knowledge necessary to plan and execute daylong sea kayaking trips in sheltered waters on Lake Superior and protected coastal/inland waters around the world. Upon successful completion of the Superior Starter Course, paddlers will be awarded with the Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level 1 Skills Certification along with some serious stoke for the sport of sea kayaking and Lake Superior!

Day One

Day #1

Location: Meet at 9am at the decided location (Within 1hr drive of Thunder Bay) The exact location will be decided a few days prior to the course depending on weather and other variables. We will cover basic forecasting for lake superior in detail, introduction to equipment, strokes and rescues. Be prepared for a full day on the water.We will spend the last hour planning our day trip for day #2.

Day Two

Day #2       

We will proceed to follow our planned day trip and decide a start and finish time on the 1st day of the course. We will have a full day on the water with time for lunch, snacks, and time to practice our strokes further along with a bit of exploration to help you gain some confidence to paddle sheltered bays of Lake Superior.

Price $280+HST/person and includes all equipment

Course is limited to 6 participants

Course Materials

Paddling Strokes

Training Video Links for Level 1 Participants

Sweep Stroke

Forward Stroke

High Brace Turn

Stern Rudder

Draw Stroke


Bow Rudder

Low Brace Turn

Our Next Trip

Sept 21-22

Sept 21-22

Sept 28-29

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