Option 1

4 day Nirvia basecamp This will be a boat shuttle from Rossport provided by Discovery Island Charters to Armour Harbour on the southeast side of St Ignace Island. The Shuttle will bring all persons with equipment (including kayaks) and food for 1-4 days or more at a time. Hidden deep in the harbour are a few geodesic dome structures for people to bunk in and enjoy a relaxing sauna after a day of hiking or paddling in the area.

(Stay tuned for more updates in 2019)

Option 2

Alternatively, groups can paddle out one or both ways and Hike Mt St Ignace over 4 days. This will be a guided sea kayaking or voyageur canoe expedition from the Little Gravel River or to St Ignace Harbour and then around to Armour Harbour where we will base camp for 2 night and hike to the summit of Mount St. Ignace (1868ft) for a marvellous view of the entire Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

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